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Suzanne Carlsen

Hey everyone,

It's a grey and dreary day here, but Suzanne Carlsen's work has really brightened my morning. I love tiny, secretive objects and Suzanne's work combines the functional and wearable with the childlike and mysterious. She embroiders tiny pencils, sailboats, cellphones, bicycles and other objects onto miniature banners, crests, cufflinks, medals, and rings.

Suzanne's website does a great job of describing the mission of her work when they say,
Most important in her work is the existence of unanticipated stories or images—told in hidden pop-up books, illustrations on the reverse side of a piece, movable pieces and refashioned objects. These create a secret in which the wearer can rejoice and share with others. Precious and evocative, Suzanne’s work can be ‘read’ in myriad ways, always personal. Her themes, often reminiscent of childhood and play, speak to the simple pleasures of living: beauty, happiness and memory.
There are 14 more images of Suzanne's work

I hope you're all doing well (I have some more posts planned for this week, so expect more illustrations and some music too!)